AI-powered human-readable onchain data

Why Lookonchain?

Top-notch analyst team employs AI technology to provide users with the fastest and most accurate on-chain event interpretations.

Skip the blockchain explorer

Simply follow onchain updates.

  • Utilizes powerful AI techniques to translate complex on-chain data into easily understandable information for everyone.
  • Strong analysts team combined with AI technology, provide insightful interpretations of trending events.
  • Dynamic database with smartmoney tagging system dedicated on Smartmoney across different mainnet.

How does lookonchain help investors?

  • 1. Provide detailed analysis of blockchain transactions and activities, gain deeper insights into market trends, token movements.
  • 2. Monitor the actions of smart money to understand where the market leaders are investing or divesting
  • 3. Real-time notifications about significant events on the blockchain

Due to Lookonchain's analysis of the outflow from FTX's wallet, I managed to withdraw in time, preventing a loss of $15 Million USD. Lookonchain was instrumental in protecting the majority of my assets and family savings.

Take control of onchain signal.

  • AI-driven interpretation Professional AI-driven interpretation of on-chain activities..

  • We know howto interpret events occurring on the blockchain.

  • Smart money leaderboard across the L1 network are updated in real-time by us, capturing every intelligent address without fail.

  • We know how assists investors in evaluating and handling the risks linked to different crypto assets and blockchain ventures.


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